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We are on the cusp of big changes. Be ready to use them to your advantage. We see sustainability as an inevitable part of the way both society and businesses will operate in the future.

This applies not only to individuals, but also to companies and organisations. Start your transformation to sustainability with experienced experts.

Start the change now.
The winner takes CZK 300,000.

For whom is our challenge?

Small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations (SMEs) that have already launched their product and service on the market. We want to help them take an important step into a sustainable future.

Our challenge is not only for those who offer "green" services or products. It is for all those who understand that sustainability as such, needs to be integrated into the internal and external functioning and behaviour of businesses.

This is the only way they can face up to the complex nature of, not only, the environmental but also the social challenges that surround us, while remaining competitive at the same time.

Why is sustainability important to your business?

Changes in the market cannot be ignored or blindly shut out. The pandemic crisis has shown us that companies and organisations can create amazing things very quickly if they want to or if it’s necessary. Sustainability is an unprecedented opportunity, but not one that is easy to grasp.

No matter how big your firm or organisation is, the positive impact it has on the world around us is substantial. Small ones become bigger and inspire others to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Investing into such a transformation has its proven benefits.

What do you get?

Co všechno můžete získat:

By developing a transformation strategy for sustainability, you'll unify your company culture and give your brand a boost.

You'll discover risks that were previously hidden, as well as new opportunities.

A chance to make use of the current precipitous changes as an opportunity to become more resilient and stronger.

Compliance with new environmental legislation that increases every year.

Reduce your own ecological footprint and the cost of energy and other inputs.

You will gain access to 'green money' – grants and support for sustainable projects.

Karma! You will become better and more beneficial to your surroundings, society and the environment.

And more...

150 hours of consultations with experts worth CZK 300,000.

Our strategists and designers will help your business to get on the path of a meaningful and sustainable change that leads to higher business goals. We will help you understand the nature of the challenge in depth, develop a strategy and specific steps for its implementation, provide arguments and courage, and help you find internal support for the transformation.

Consultations, analyses, workshops and working on the transformation with highly qualified experts in sustainability; corporate development, product and service design and brand development, that’s what awaits you. A total of 150 hours at a list price of CZK 300,000. The real value to your business development is considerably higher.

Who we are?

Stride XL and MAJAK agency are strategists, designers and innovators who help create and build meaningful products, services and brands. We strive to make a long-term positive impact on your business and your customers while improving your community, society and the environment.

Our workshops, training, project work and coaching will enable you to unlock the full innovative potential of your employees and thereby your business. We work with small and large companies, startups and established firms.

Challenge schedule

Enter the ‘Stride into the Future’ challenge by following the steps below:

0/ pre-registration

Pre-register here to be among the first to be notified when the official registration opens and about further steps.

1/ registration

Open from January 19 to June 30, 2022. You can fill out a form where you will describe why your company should be selected for expert consultation.

2/ qualification

Once the applications have been closed, a panel of experts will review, compile and publish a shortlist of finalists by August 31, 2022.

3/ finalists

In the first half of April, all the finalists will present themselves to an expert jury. On September 30, 2022, the jury will select the winner, whose name will be presented during the following days at a ceremony.

4/ the winner

Analyses, consultations and workshops with the winner of our challenge will be completed in stages by the end of June 2023.


Nastartujeme transformaci s dlouhodobým pozitivním dopadem na vás, vaše podnikání i zákazníky. Zároveň si vylepšíte karmu vůči komunitě kolem sebe, celé společnosti a životnímu prostředí.

Smysluplnost a udržitelnost

Procesy komplexních změn řídíme tak, aby přinášely jasné rozpoznatelnou hodnotu. Zlepšujeme způsob, jakým lidé společně žijí, pracují a podnikají.

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